Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Spotlight..."bleh"

Bleh.  Yep - that is how I feel about snow in March and sick kids. 
Even though it was snow that looked like cotten candy. 
It is still not my favorite when spring fever has HIT! 
We have been struggling with some crazy virus that does not work well for people who have asthma. 
Wheezing is just scary business. 
But little Miss Korbyn brightened up our weekend  - she spent Friday and Saturday night.
She slept great (YAY!) and kept us mighty entertained.
Sam's new job is going wonderfully - his hours are the hard part.
It is going to be worth it all - he is enjoying it so much.
She is so funny - talking non-stop in phrases...sometimes we know what she says...
sometimes we have no idea. 
Ayden had a FABULOUS weekend.
He attended his very first sleepover.
And he loved every single minute of it.
I never dreamed he could do it.
I now believe he truly is ready to go to Kindergarten....and quite possibly ride the bus. 
Which is what he tells me he intends to do. 
He is at an interesting independent...yet so dependent. 
A little challenging to say the least. just another word for really hard work.
This one is just independent. (with a deep love for his trucks and leapfrog)
And another challenge to the "consistency".

Lots of sighing going on around here by the parents.
oh well.
Spring will come soon....right?

Monday, March 21, 2011